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Straightening and Bending Machines up to 120 t and more

URM 30 D / 30 E / 60 D / 60 E / 80 D /80 E /120 E

Master your Straightening and Bending Operations using the most advanced Technology

Kunkel controlled bending machines type URM 30/60/80/120 Delem ensure fast work results. Kunkel bending machines based on Siemens S7 control technology turning a prototype into a serial part via its Teach-In programming function within a matter of seconds now additionally feature the latest generation of the most sophisticated and reliable CNC press brake controls. Our standard lines of straightening and bending machines reach pressure forces of up to 120t, our special machines can reach up to 800 t.

Enhance your Quality

The mechanical characteristics of bending machines by Kunkel have been recognized for decades. The combination of the rugged construction of the work table, high-performance hydraulic cylinders by Kunkel, solid and stable guides of the tool holder mounted between hardened and ground profiles, as well as a special matching tool system allowing the use of already existing press brake tools, leads to unsurpassed results.

The control system (with Delem DA-66T) features:

  • Teach-In programming
  • PLC controlled hydraulic axis
  • Power adjustable length stop system (minimum of 1,000 mm stop length)
  • Optional feature: hold-down functions
  • Perfect straightening handling even under load
  • 10.4 inch LCD TFT color display
  • Heidenhain linear scale
  • 17 inch TFT high-resolution color display
  • Highly efficient and quick programming
  • 2D graphic touchscreen programming feature
  • 3D display simulation and programming modes
  • Flat length calculation
  • Calculated collision control
  • 1 GB programming memory
  • USB interface for data storage and peripheral devices
  • Optional feature: Delem offline programming
  • Open system architecture
  • Interface for bending and correction sensors