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Delem DA-66T Control


DA-Touch Generation

The new lines of DA-Touch Controls offer much more efficient programming, operation and control features than other press brakes.  Superb handling comfort combined with peak technology significantly improves productivity.

The touchscreen allows for direct access to the proven Delem interface enabling direct navigation between programming and production processes. All functions can be found right where they are needed while optimizing the entire process ergonomics. The DA-66T features 2D programming which encompasses automated bending sequence calculation as well as collision detection. The entire 3D machine set-up consists of various tool stations and facilitates immediate feedback regarding producibility and handling of the product.  Highly effective control algorithms optimize the machine cycle while noticeably minimizing set-up times making the use of a press brake easier, more efficient and more flexible than ever. The OEM board above the screen for all machine functions and the OEM operating switches are integrated in the design and can be utilized depending on the desired application.

DA-66T Features

  • 2D graphic  touchscreen programming
  • 3D simulation and production presentation
  • 17” TFT high resolution color display
  • Complete Windows® Application Suite
  • Compatible with Delem Modusys (module, scalability, and adaptivity)
  • USB and peripheral interfaces
  • Open system architecture
  • Interface for bending and correction sensors

Product Configuration

Standard Features:

  • LCD Color display
  • 17” TFT, high degree of brightness
  • 1280x1024 pixel, 32 bit color
  • Complete touchscreen control (IR touch)
  • 1 GB programming memory
  • 3D graphical acceleration
  • Standard Windows® network
  • Emergency switch
  • Integrated OEM board
  • USB flash memory drive

Bending Assist Control:

  • X1-X2 angle programming
  • Bar code reader interface
  • Protractor interface
  • Frame deflection compensation
  • Interface for bending and correction sensors
  • Measuring of plate thickness and compensation system

Technical Specifications

General Features:

  • Windows®
  • Real-time operating system
  • Multitasking environment
  • Immediate shut-down
  • Compatible with Delem Modusys

Electrics / Interfaces:

  • Power input: 2vV
  • Modusys-Bus HSB
  • RS232 ports (2)
  • Network interface (100Mb/10Mb)
  • USB ports (2)
  • Security SPS interface
  • Protractor interface
  • Angle control interface

Control Features:

  • AC servo control / two speeds
  • Unipolar frequency converter control
  • Direct control of pressure gauge
  • Direct proportional gauge Y1, Y2 control
  • Direct cambering control
  • Various digital function outputs
  • Tandem operation
  • Alphanumerical product description
  • Product programming and display in real size
  • Automated calculation of bending sequence
  • Flattening pressing product programming
  • One-page programming table
  • Graphic product and tool selection
  • Unrestricted material features
  • Unrestricted axis speed
  • Unrestricted material programming
  • Search filter
  • Millimeter/inch, kN/ton conversion selection
  • Product counting feature
  • Product information
  • Graphical tool configuration
  • Various tool stations
  • Tool segmentation
  • Alphanumerical tool identification
  • Unrestricted graphical tool programming
  • Flattening press tool
  • Radius tools
  • Supporting tool adaptor

Calculation Features:

  • Tool safety zones
  • Pressure force
  • Bending tolerance
  • Cambering setting
  • Flat length calculation
  • Stamping force
  • Flattening pressing
  • Automated round bending calculation
  • Radii programming
  • Bending tolerance table
  • Self-learning angle correction feature

Other Features:

  • Self-learning  function on all axes
  • Manual wheel control of all axes
  • Various dialogue languages
  • Integrated support functions
  • Error message system
  • Diagnosis software
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Counting of operating hours and strokes
  • On-board analysis tool
  • SPS function (sequencer)


Optional Control