Customer Feedback

Dear Mr Kunkel,
As our company is highly pleased with the performance of your straightening machines we are most interested in purchasing another straightening machine from you.  I am in the company for two years and am now in charge of the project “procurement of a new straightening machine”…

Many of our customers not only own one machine by Kunkel but rather several machines in differing performance categories, and simply feel in good hands that way.

One of our clients has installed a total of 27 bending machines in his company.

Quote from an incoming telephone request: “If you’re looking for a reasonable bending machine there’s really only one option, and that is Kunkel. And then perhaps you could consider … (company ABC).”

Another telephone quote: “I would like to purchase a bending machine. However, I do not want a machine cobbled together by who-knows-whom-and-where. You build your machines entirely in Germany, is that correct?”
Clear answer: Yes, that is correct.

And here’s another one: “We prefer to have only German industry components in our machines.”
Not an issue!

Conversation during a trade fair: “We searched for ages for a horizontal bending machine with a standard press brake control. Company ABC refuses to make an offer in that respect. Thank goodness, we found you at this fair!”
Yes, we totally agree!